FontainebleauReal Estate provides for your needs the service of chartered real estate brokers possessing theexpertise required to adequately advise and assist in leasing, acquisition or sale and evaluation of commercial or industrial real estate. We work regularly in collaboration with national and international real estate agencies for the realisation of important transactions.




Fontainebleau Real Estate manages commercial and industrial properties since 1988, offeringcomplete management services always in close collaboration with their clients, whichtheygladly receive without formalities at any time at their offices:

  • Rental of vacant premises, credit checks on prospective tenants, negotiation, drafting and signing of leases.

  • Lease renewals, rent indexation.

  • Providing complete accounting and issuanceof monthly financial statements as well as year-end statements which enable the rapid verification on the financial progress of the properties.

  • Collection of rent, which is directly,deposited into the bank accounts of the property owners.

  • Preparation and issuance of checks which are signed by the owners, for all accounts payable.

  • Production of governmental reports such as GST and PST, income tax installments etc.

  • Negotiation of contracts with suppliers for insurance, snow removal, landscaping maintenance, cleaning and repair of common areas and exterior parking lots.

  • Maintenance and occasional repair to properties.

  • 24 hour concierge service.





Fontainebleau Real Estate provides for your service, the experience of chartered real estate brokers, with the ability to advise and assist in leasing, acquisition or sale of commercial or industrial real estate.

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